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Sb1 2022 09 21 09 58 23


The continuation of the correction in wave 2. on the sugar, and therefore to complete the correction pattern after the last rise, the rise may continue to prices of 19.06 at the level of 78% to end wave 2


The sugar correction continues in wave 2 and targets the 78% level at 19.06 prices to end the correction before returning and falling again in wave 3

Sb1 2022 09 21 10 52 16

Going closer to the daily range, we expect sugar to go down in wave 3 of (3) of ((3)) after wave 2 ends, critical resistance at 19.63


We are now witnessing the formation of the motive wave ((C)) whose targets varies according to the formed corrective pattern. If the model is an extended flat, its target will be 29.79, but if the model is a running flat, the target will be 23.68 . The target depends on the movement pattern of the prices at these targets. The critical limit which support this motive wave is 9.05.

Sb1 2022 08 31 23 22 34


Sb1 2022 08 14 04 21 42

From wave ((III)) high, we expect sugar to go sideway to form a triangle in wave ((IV)) before thrusting higher in wave ((V)).