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We expect the rise to continue to complete wave 3 of wave (5). We expect the rise to continue, targeting 248.55. We expect not to break the support point at 209.45, which is the bottom of wave 2. Currently, we expect the correction in wave ((ii)) to break out and the beginning of the rise in wave ((iii)) targeting 248.55

Kc1 2022 09 12 09 40 06


coffee is now trading in an ascending impulsive wave, after wave ((4)) ended with forming a complex zigzag pattern WXY at 194.75, and wave (5) starts forming a 1 2 1 2 pattern, which is the first evidence of an ascending impulse wave. We expect the end of the corrective decline in wave ((ii)) and the beginning of the rise in wave ((iii)) targeting prices of 260.35 and this rise continues since trading is above the support point of 205.90

Kc1 2022 09 12 09 27 20


It is now trading in a bullish impulse wave ((5)), after the wave ((4)) ended at 194.60, aiming to break the peak of the wave ((3)) as a first target. and the critical limit  that supports the rise and cannot be breached unless the trend changes is 10.46

Kc1 2022 08 31 23 21 30


Kc1 2022 08 14 04 36 13

From wave (a) low, coffee rally in wave (b), currently wave ((5)) of  a of (b) is in play, critical support at 194.60

Kc1 2022 08 14 04 27 14

From the truncated (V) of ((III)) wave, coffee declined in a 3-waves for wave (a) of a flat correction in wave ((IV)), currently coffee in wave (b).