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Zc1 2022 10 12 11 27 20

The rise became clear on the commodity to end the last (5) wave of the bigger wave ((C)) before descending again, but at present, we may witness a slight decline and then a return and a rise again,




The decline continues, since trading is less than the top of the B wave at 699.75 prices, and this decline continues to lower to the end of the III wave, targeting 585.75 prices in the medium term as well as in the long term

Zc1 2022 09 23 10 57 42   

from the high of 800, corn declined in wave I of (c), then bounced in wave II, we expect a sharp decline after wave II finished, critical resistance at 800.


We are now witnessing the formation of an upward corrective wave ((2)) , which started from 819.6,It targets 756.00 and 710.00. its impenetrable critical limit is   819.6

Zc1 2022 08 31 23 23 03


Zc1 2022 08 14 01 28 07

Comes closer in the weekly range and from the top of wave c of (b), which the 5th of c wave is a truncated wave, the corn started the decline in wave (c).

Zc1 2022 08 14 01 28 02

From the top of wave ((III)), we counted the decline as wave (a) of flat correction in wave ((IV)), and the advance as wave (b), currently corn in wave (c), we expect a 5-wave decline in wave (C) back to the old low of wave (a).