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Zw1 2022 08 22 13 22 08

Zw1 2022 09 19 10 08 26

The completion of the wave (C) of the flat irregular wave, and we expect wheat to drop in the coming period after ending the correction pattern as we explained, and we expect the waves to end at a price of 885.00, which is the decisive point for the coming period and the beginning of the decline in the wave



       The wheat is now trading in a corrective wave II , which is targets 845.6 and may extend provided that the critical limit is not breached at 1284.

Zw1 2022 08 27 01 41 22


Zw1 2022 08 14 00 05 31

From 1284 High, we counted a 5-wave decline in wave I of (c) of IV, now we are searching for evidence that wave I ended and the correction in wave II started.


We are now witnessing the formation of an upward corrective wave II, which started from 743.2,It targets 1046.6 and 1149.2. its impenetrable critical limit is  1284.00.

Zw1 2022 08 31 23 23 39


Zw1 2022 08 14 00 04 45

From the truncated wave ((5)) of c of (b) which ended at 1284, we expect a 5-wave decline back to the old low of (a) in wave (c) of ((IV)).

Zw1 2022 08 14 00 04 37

From the top of wave ((III)), we counted the decline as wave (a) of a flat wave ((IV)), and also the advance to the old top of wave ((III)) counted also as a wave (b), then now we expect a 5-wave decline in wave (c) of ((IV)).