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Btcusd 2022 09 28 10 17 57


The currency’s decline has become valid since trading is the lowest point of the resistance 20346.27, and we may see lower prices in the coming period on Bitcoin and the decline in wave ((iii)) targeting 17600 prices


          Bitcoin against the US dollar is now trading in a corrective framework – a simple zigzag ABC. the wave (A) and the wave (B) ended and the wave (C) is currently forming. It is supposed to target 61.8% retracement of wave ((5)) of the wave III at 11957.86. the critical limit to stay on the bearish scenario is 25207.21.

Btcusd 2022 08 27 04 01 38 1


Btcusd 2022 08 05 14 11 58

Bottom Line: Higher in wave (A) of ((B))

wave ((B)) is underway, currently Bitcoin is developing wave A of it, we expect a sharp move higher in wave ((iii)) of 3 of (A)


It is still taking a bearish trend to complete the zigzag pattern ABC that completed the two waves (A) and (B), and currently it is descending more to complete the wave (C) that is supposed to target 10384.77 and the critical limit that supports this decline is 48222.96.

Btcusd 2022 08 31 23 44 40


Btcusd 2022 08 05 13 32 17

As we mentioned in the monthly range, Bitcoin is correcting in wave IV, The first side of wave IV ended at 17585.31, We expect the price to rally in 3 waves in wave ((B)).

Btcusd 2022 08 05 13 17 14

Bitcoin is correcting in wave IV, We expect the price to reach near the prior fourth wave of primary degree.