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The price of Euro against the Australian dollar is taking a descending impulsive wave that represents a wave c. And recently, It ended the corrective wave ((ii)) at 1.53978 and then started the wave (i) that targeted the support at 143.211. And it is expected that prices will take in the coming period a corrective pattern that represents the wave (ii), which may reach 78% retracement from the wave (i).

Euraud 2022 08 27 02 59 28



The euro against the Australian dollar is preparing to decline after forming a 1 2 1 2 pattern where the  wave ((III)) with highest momentum, which is supposed to cross the support area represented by 1.43211 . The critical limit to the success of this scenario is 1.53978

Euraud 2022 08 20 02 55 17


It is still trading within the direction of a bearish motive wave ((3)) of c, whose first objective is to break the support formed at 1.16216. the critical limit that supports this decline is 1.68273.

Euraud 2022 08 31 23 34 12


Euraud 2022 08 21 00 23 38

Coming closer to the weekly range, we are looking for more downside with a sharp slope to complete wave ((3)).

Euraud 2022 08 21 00 23 23

We are looking for a sell-off in wave c, which targets a new low lower than wave a, critical resistance at 1.99096