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Our expectation for the EURGBP pair is the launch of the third wave after the end of the second wave, which is corrected in the form of flat . The wave invalidation level is 0.83380.Eurgbp 2022 08 24 07 41 12


          Euro prices are preparing to rise against the British pound sterling after completing a model 1 2 1 2, to form a wave (iii) that target prices at 0.87211.

Eurgbp 2022 08 27 02 29 35


Eurgbp 2022 08 20 10 20 00

From the possible bottom in wave ((B)) of b, we could count a five-wave advance in wave 1 of (1) of ((C)) which has ended and also wave 2 which ended in a zigzag formation, critical support at 0.82033, a key level at 0.83400


It is trading in a bullish impulsive wave ((C)) that completed the wave ((i)) and ((ii)). It is ascending now to high in wave ((iii)) which targets the peak formed by the wave ((A)) as a first target at 0.93065. and its critical limit is 0.83400.

Eurgbp 2022 08 31 23 28 05


Eurgbp 2022 08 20 10 19 45

Comes closer to the weekly range, in which we expect wave b to be in play, we are looking for wave b to be a zigzag, in which wave ((A)) have ended, and also wave ((B)), but we still searching for evidence that wave ((B)) has ended, critical support at 0.82033

Eurgbp 2022 08 20 10 14 31

From wave (III), we are looking for wave (IV) to be a flat correction, in which wave a has already ended and now the pair in wave b, which target inverse 1.382, which comes at 1.11900