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The Pound price continues to attempt to perform a downward reversal, and it is possible that the development of a series of the first 1-2 1-2 waves downwards is still going on at the lower degrees. If the current assumption receives support, then fixing the price below the confirming level may increase the pressure on the pair’s value. Also, this assumption can be supported by sentiment data, which almost came close to a critically large number of bulls.


          The British pound sterling against the New Zealand dollar is trading in a corrective wave B that represents a regular flat pattern, currently it is forming the impulsive wave ((c)), and it is currently ending the wave (ii), which has not yet given a signal to end and it can continue to decline provided that the critical limit is not exceeded at 1.87841.

Gbpnzd 2022 08 27 02 49 32



The pound sterling prices continue to take a corrective  flat pattern against the New Zealand dollar to complete the wave B that is targeting 1.96743. The critical limit that supports this Scenario is 1.87741

Gbpnzd 2022 08 20 02 53 11


It is now trading within the framework of a double zigzag wxy of the wave ((B)) that targets the support formed at the bottom of the wave a at 1.68068. the critical limit which support this decline is 2.04462.

Gbpnzd 2022 08 31 23 32 09


Gbpnzd 2022 08 22 11 20 41

We are looking for more downside in wave C of (Y) after wave B ends, critical resistance at 2.04462

Gbpnzd 2022 08 22 11 20 58

We are looking for a downside lower than 1.85230 to complete wave (Y) of ((B)).