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          The New Zealand dollar is trading against the Japanese yen, forming a corrective triangle wave B, and it is close to ending its five waves, as prices are now looking for an end to the wave ((e)) at 81.898. and Its decline may extend to more than that, provided that the critical limit is not breached at 82.137.

Nzdjpy 2022 08 27 02 44 50


The New Zealand dollar is preparing to rise against the Japanese yen after the completion of the triangle pattern represented by the wave B, to start a bullish impulse trend represented in the C wave, and the first signs of completion of the bullish trend is to break the resistance at 86.178. Only below 82.137 make this scenario is denied.

Nzdjpy 2022 08 20 02 51 01 1


It is still trading high to end the wave (Y) of ((D)) the 4th wave of the formed triangle, and the critical limit that the wave ((D)) cannot cross is represented in 94.050.

Nzdjpy 2022 08 31 23 30 59


Nzdjpy 2022 08 22 08 06 39 1

Comes closer to the weekly range, we are looking for more upside to complete wave (Y) of ((D)).

Nzdjpy 2022 08 22 08 06 30 1

Looking for more upside to complete wave ((D)) than a retrace in wave ((E)), key resistance at 94.05, critical support at 59.521