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Silver 2022 09 09 12 50 34

Silver 2022 09 15 11 32 42

We expect more declines in silver in the coming period after breaking the support point of 18.120, and the decline will continue for the price decline and may reach 16.60 before rising again and ending the wave (C). The correction in wave (B) may have already ended at prices of 20.011. and the decline started in wave (C).


We are now waiting for silver to give us an indication of the end of the corrective wave ((2)) of c to start the ascending wave ((3)), which targets 29.863 as the first target. The critical limit that supports this scenario is 11.639, and the correction may extend to 16.95

Silver 2022 09 15 12 54 59



Currently, wave (d) is in progress, and it is subdivided into zigzag which waves a and b of it ended, and now wave c is in play.


No sign has yet been given for an upward trend in the wave (C) of (d), and the wave (B) may continue to descend further, provided that the critical limit is not breached at 11.639.

Silver 2022 08 31 23 38 09


Silver 2022 08 16 04 10 11

Silver is currently in wave ((IV)), wave (a) (b) (c) ended and now wave (d) is in progress.

Silver 2022 08 16 04 09 45

We expect silver to remain sideways to complete a big triangle in wave ((IV)).