The members need to understand some of the terms used as labels on the chart to understand the exact meaning of the analysis done. The reason I am posting this information is to make sure, what I thought for specific analysis should be transferred to the members, so there would be no misinterpretation. Support / Resistance – The dashed red lines are mainly price levels as support/resistance on the chart, They are mainly the high/low of the waves as invalidation levels or sometimes the Fibonacci levels. Invalidation level – The level which invalidates the main counts and acts as either stop level or extension of current waves depending on the situation. Arrow – The arrow line indicates the expected trend and target zone on the chart, It normally indicates the probable target zone (not guaranteed level), It may or may not draw as per fib levels, so check the fib levels by yourself every time, to confirm the target zone. 2/4/b/x – no trade zone – These are the waves on the chart, which I am not suggesting to trade, So any arrow directing for the 2nd (or 4th/B/X) wave, is not interpreted at the trading opportunity. 3/5/a/c/y – real trading opportunity – The arrow suggesting the trading opportunity on the chart, These are the waves, which suggested to trade on the chart, to unfold as the best probable count. TEXTS : Unclear zone – No clear trading edge at all – better to wait for more price action (can be traded with another technical tool) Bearish below this level/Bullish above this level – The level which confirms the trend, (wave) Invalidation level – The high or low which invalidates the waves described in the bracket when price break the specific level.