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XRP-USD: Forecasting For The Next Year


Elliot Wave Analysis For XRP-USD

In this article, we will take look at XRPUSD, in the chart below and during the 2020-2021, ripple has completed a (1)(2)-12-(i)(ii)

1 Day Range


1 Hour Range

Image 1

XRPUSD held above the low of wave 2 and rallied strongly for wave (1), We can see in the chart below that wave (1) has completed and ripple pull back in wave A of (2) to correct the rally from wave 2 low, i expect that ripple will bounce for wave B before decline for wave C of (2), i expect wave (2) to register its low circa 0.81661, comprising the .786 Fibonacci retracement of wave 1 and the low of the previous fourth wave.

  • Key support at 0.76123
  • critical support at 0.65200

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